photo prompt is by Phylor.

It had been long overdue; the race of the century. Grandpa had made us believe that his vintage was way better than my sweet Lily. He also believed that his car had shown more loyalty than Lily would ever bestow upon me.We were about to test that.

Scheduling our race for Sunday morning, as early as 7:00 am for several reasons, we set out to prepare our darlings for the race.

Ready and set, the race started with Uncle Phil as the referee.

Grandpa was in the lead for a bare 30 minutes into the race before Lily took over. Shortly after overtaking him, his engine started making strange sounds. Before long, it was letting out smoke. That put him out of the race as the engine was totally messed up.Amidst all that, my Lily was still going strong without a trouble.

In the end, we were crowned the winners on both fronts; loyalty and speed.  Her joy and mine combined would cause a whole nursery school to giggle.

What a joy to have her as a companion!



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