Tired so she felt,
pained her face showed,
wondering about the future
that lay ahead,
it wasn’t like her,
but this time,
she was so doubtful

Straddling on the fence,
without a clear mind,
for the pain of yesteryear was great.

“How can I keep this child?”
“How do I face my folks?”
“How did I get here?”
so the cascade of thoughts assailed her mind.

Holding my hand out to her,
not sure where tomorrow would lead,
I promised her a shoulder,
a friend,
a confidant.

20 years down the road,
I wonder how many have walked her journey,
many, that I know,
can you hold out your hand for at least one?

All she needs,
all they need,
is a reason not to end that life,
can you give them that reason?
can you promise to be a trusted pillar to her,
its all she needs,
its all she yearns for,
PLEASE, be that for her

Posted on Moral Mondays- Don’tStraddle the Fence


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