Old Man


Treasures were rare in his days, but that did not dampen his heart when grandfather told him about his missing gold watch. He promised him that he’d find it before the end of the week.

Andy determined to start with the attic, it held all the family heirlooms.

Tossing through the night, he jumped at the sight of the first ray of sunshine through the window. Putting on his work clothes, he ran off to the attic.

Moving from one box to the next, he did not seem to be getting anywhere. However, before he would close to get a mid-morning snack, something shone from the corner of the box.

And voila! there it lay, covered in dust but still looking immaculate. Racing down the attic ladder, he ran to granddad who was napping. “Grandfather, grandfather, here it is,” Andy squealed, “I found it, I found it.”

Lifting it to his eyes, he was in awe. He didn’t know that he would once again hold this prized possession in his hands. It held many memories and he was more than glad to see it again.


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