Life was rather unpredictable for Leslie ever since she had lost her family and home to the fire that Monday night. She had lost all sense of belonging from then on. Each day had become a nightmare. Not sure what the day would offer made her cringe at every sunrise and sunset.

With no friend to look out for her in this big city as she’d kept to herself an awful lot, days were not easy to move through. So she clung to the blankets that the firemens had given her at the police station for that was the only supply she had. The onus was on her to make ends meet.

She could not go to an orphanage for she a child no more yet she needed somewhere to sleep and a meal to fill her grumbling stomach.

For a week or two, the streets had become her home and the dumpsters, her  food supply. Calamity had struck her and there was no telling what to do next.

That was only until she got the courage to ask the church down the street for help.

Now that she looks back, all she needed was to reach out, be a little more friendly and ask for help.

That is all we need to do in life. Help is not going to come our way without asking for it. Choose to reach out today, that’s the gap between  defeat and triumph.



Posted on Daily Post – Nightmare Unpredictable


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