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Rolling the trolley through the various aisles, Sandy knew that she was in the wrong place. Without a coin in her pocket, who was she fooling? But she rolled on, unsure about her next course of action. Her children, back home had nothing to eat, yet all her efforts to look for work had come out dry.

It was such a catastrophic situation. Would she steal? She would be charged with shopping lifting. Then who would take care of her family? Their father had packed up and left her high and dry.

Leaving the trolley in the middle of the aisle, she walked out of the supermarket tracing her steps to a Salvation army office.

At least, she would get a parcel of food despite the dent it would make on her reputation. For that was all she had left.

Posted on Moral Mondays – Money is the root of all evil



6 thoughts on “FOR MY CHILDREN

  1. I am not sure how anyone can think that MONEY is the root cause of all evil! The bible is Very clear in this ” The LOVE of Money is the root cause of all evil” In other words the emotion we attache to money can cause good or bad! Money i itself cannot do anyone harm or good its inanimate! The story sounds moving…So thanks for sharing at the pit stop!

    Pit Stop Crew


  2. A story so true for the times. People have become so materialistic. I remember in school when kids used to tease other kids whose parents bought their clothes at Goodwill (or even Wal-Mart). We don’t know the struggles some people go through. It’s important to have compassion, charity. I’m glad she made the right choice, but I almost wouldn’t blame her for stealing.


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