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Parenting was never devoid of God for our forefathers knew, religion (as they referred to Christianity) was the best way to groom the future generations.

So Sunday and Wednesday saw they and their families in the church. It was not to say that the younger folks appreciated going to church at all, it’s just that their parents knew better.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Prov 22:6

They knew, that it was just a matter of time before the morals learned at church rubbed off on them and influenced how they behaved or looked at life.

They also did their part in being model parents so that their children saw what was preached on the pulpits through them. They were not angels on Sunday and demons the rest of the week.

However, today, we want our children to dictate the way affairs are run in the house. How wrong! How on earth does your child tell you what they ought to wear or the school they ought to attend? They speak back to you as though you are simply a peer. They choose to stay in bed on a Sunday morning while you leave for church. Abomination, abomination.

I know you may tell me about children’s rights, but that is all trash when you are complaining about gang violence, a degenerated generation etc.

Charity begins at home. You are his parent, you are her parent. It is not by coincidence or a mistake. You have a role to play in their life, do it. Do not shy away.

God gave you authority over your children, use it for their good instead of sitting on the fence. You are not doing anyone a favour cowering. Neither should you use your authority  to manipulate them. For in so doing, you are raising a manipulative generation.

Bring prayer time, Bible study time back into the family instead of stuffing your children with games and all sorts of electronic appliances. Stop delegating your role of parenting to others or to devices because no one knows what is best for your children but you. Live out your Christianity in and out of their presence.

Get back into the lives of your children and bring Jesus Christ into the centre of the family.

Abortions, rape, street shootings, cults and the like can not just be wished away, we have to work at it.

Parents, do your part as you seek the help of Jesus Christ to perfect you.

Written on Daily Post (Discover Challenge)- For Posterity


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