She walked into our lives,
a guest well awaited for,
a mixture of hopes,
a mixture of expectations.

None sure what to expect,
but expect we did,
vaguely though we did.

Cowardice was not one of them,
introvert manners killed it all,
“where had she been?”
one of the children asked.

Little had been said,
but now I knew better,
they had fooled us,
upped our hopes for a sister,
prepared us poorly.

He had and will always
gift us with love abundant,
so embrace her we did,
from guest to sister she turned.

We nurtured and raised her,
clothed her with love, hope and care,
then she blossomed ,
oh my, she did,
beautiful it was,
to see this rose unfold,
and give herself away.

No venom as many had warned,
but a scent of reciprocation,
appreciation and love,
trim we did,
but lovingly so,
and now she stands,
in all her glory,
exuding the power of love and family

Posted on Daily Post – Cowardice Guest


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