After a brutal attack by Marko’s angry girl friend, Ella’s  beautiful and youthful face was no more. It had been scourged by acid that thankfully it only damagedher check.

Nonetheless, the memory and the pain had made it all gory. She now had to live with the results of a cuckldory man and his fiery girlfriend.

She also had to cover herself with layers of protective cloth to keep the brutal sun rays off, not to mention the merciless stares and remarks from on-lookers.

Looking back on that fateful day, she wishes she had never met Marko, let alone allowed to help him with his suprise party for Freda. It was his way of assuring her that all the philandering was behind him and he was ready to take the relationship a notch hgher.

However, on finding them together trying to keep something under the wraps just sent the sirens off in Freda’s mind.

It was then that she vowed to maime Ella the same way she believed she’d maimed their relationship.

Working on her assumpations, she knew that once and for all, she was going to put an end to this forbidden relationship and have Marko all to herself.

Without thinking things through, she’d gone ahead to execute her plan on Tuesday afternoon as Ella left office for home.

The healing process had been so painful for Ella as she also had to deal with losing her job and identity on top of the high medical bills and intense pain. Nonetheless, she’d channeled her pain into reaching out to other acid attack survivers, more so those that were afraid to come out and those that could not access adequate medical attention.

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