By the look of things, Tracy was a total misfit. Her dress code had a lot to be desired, not to mention her choice of friends. She always hung out with the lowlifes never giving ear or attention to what others said.

So Sammie made it her mission to check out what made Tracy that way yet her family seemed to have it all.

That was when she discovered that once, Tracy had been all but gone. Her life had been racked by drugs and alcohol that she did not belong anywhere. Every one had written her off apart from an old lady at the end of her street. With nothing to spare, she let her in, stomached her nasty mannerisms and nursed her back to normalcy.

For that, she desired to give back to whoever needed help as she was once given and she preferred to keep the ‘misfits’ as her company.


Posted on Moral Mondays – Judge not lest you be judgedmoral_mondays_logo


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