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Derek was determined to make it in life. While death had been so unkind as to rob him of the best people in his life; his parents, at just twelve, he was not ready to throw in the towel.

Adding salt to injury, his time in school had been cut short as the people in whose care he’d been put had chosen to rob him of the one thing he had yearned for; education.

Pitying himself was not going to work with these scumbags that didn’t blink an eye when disinheriting an orphan.

Blazing his way through any work he could get, Derek saved up all he could as he did not have to worry about accommodation but just food. Life was austere, but no one was burning his desire to get an eduaction.

He was sure that only with a proper education would he be able to have autonomy over his life. He needed that so bad.

Slave away, he did, bruising his finger on one too many occassions, but his determination was undettered.

Looking back, over ten years since disaster decided to pay him a visit, he has nothing to regret but all to be thankful for. With a university degree, a small apartment to call home, and a job, one far from those he did back then, he is grateful to God for bringing one too many people his way to hold his hand.

He can now carry a smile without need to explain for it than back then when it didn’t make sense. It was just his way of keeping pitying talk from moving him from tears.

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