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“Your children will succeed, but it will be short-lived,” went the prophecy. It troubled me night and day. As a young Christian, I had no idea about what to do with this doomsday proclamation.

I could not stand the thought of my children succeeding and then falling as though they were a bag of potatoes off-loaded from a truck. How would I live through that? But before that, how could I avert that prophecy. I was deprived of peace of mind, sleep eluded me.

Sitting back for a while, thoughts played through my mind. When the prophecy was said, I said nothing in return. A voice clearly told me, that was my first mistake. Then mistake number two was that I had not asked the bearer of the prophecy why the Lord had declared so and what I could do to turn it around.

Now that I did not have the means to go back to this prophet, I turned to my new found friend whom I discovered was the Holy Spirit. I asked Him question after question. To some, the answers were immediate, to others, it was after a while. I also learned that the Lord speaks through dreams so I became very alert in that area as well.

It was in that season, that I learned a series of life changing lessons, like, by saying nothing in response to a spoken word, I have given it the power to work in my life. More so, like King Hezekiah in the Old Testament, I had the power to refute any report, regardless of who it came from.

It was in that valley, that I was trained on how to pray by the Word, with tenacity and expectation. My faith soared for my children and I placed a demand on the anointing for a change of future for my children.

Now that I look back, I am glad for where the Lord has taken me and where He has brought me from, it was a journey worth taking. It is amazing when you look for a solution from the Creator, you never go wrong.

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