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My darling,
watch out for every door,
you meet on this journey called life,
every door leads to somewhere,
make sure you choose right and very carefully.

As you choose your friends,
ensure that the doors you are opening,
through them bring joy and fulfilment to you,
never pick friends for the sake of it.

Beware of falling off the Christian road,
lest you open a dreaded door through one religion or another,
I have raised you to know Jesus on a personal basis,
keep it that way,
for He has the keys of life and death,
which are in themselves doors.

Keep your eyes on Christ,
you will never regret choosing Him as your guide,
He knows what is best for you,
He shall lead you to many doors,
wonderful doors at that,
He never fails,
Trust Him and His word.


Posted on Daily Post-Discovery – The story Behind a Door


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