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Alone she walked,
alone she fought,
alone she weathered it all,
like a lone ranger she lived,
orphaned at a tender age,
she learned to fight her battles.

But life mustn’t be lived that way,
an empty heart is not great for living,
it breaks one’s will,
it quenches one’s zeal,
for then,
what would be the driving force,
when all the envisioned conquests are achieved?

The voyage called life,
can only be well lived with companions,
they may not be blood family,
but why not forge one for yourself?
it is not that easy,
but why not give it a try?

the best companion on this voyage,
is Jesus Christ,
He sticks closer than a brother,
His love is binding and rejuvinating,
His word is life,
He never fails.

Posted on Daily Post – Empty Voyage


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