It’s our monthly party time this weekend. You are invited.

This time, I am available, Yiiiiihaaaa

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Do you feel like connecting with others?

Do you want to grow your blog and network with awesome folks?

There’s virtual food and drink with zero calories.

Great music too and lot’s of fun.

You can come as you are – in your pj’s, hair nets and what not – just bring your blog.

It will be going down live this way so come and shake a leg, meet and greet, mix and mingle and party the blog down into August.

Date: Sat 30th – Sun 31st 

Venue: Will be happening here.

Come one, come all and invite your friends along.

Share as much as you can. The more the merrier.

Good time and satisfaction guaranteed😉I look forward to seeing you.


Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you

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So stubborn was Alexa that no day passed by without getting a punishment or two. Her behaviour had a lot to be desired. From playing pranks on her sisters, hiding mother’s kitchen utensils to opening up the pens for the animals to run free, there was no resting when she was around.

Everyone seemed on their toes the moment Alexa woke up. But this day, with the harvest to bring in and sheep to tend to, everyone’s hands were full and no one saw her as she slipped into the cow pen.

It was her screaming that caused them to look up, only to find her at the mercy of one of the male calves. Time stopped, people held their breaths, the silence was palpable. No one wanted to voice their fears but they all feared the worst.

Calling on the able men around the farm, the calf was restrained and Alexa rescued. She was as pale as a sheet, with tears cascading down her face. It was as though the clock had been put a pause, that an hour was more than sixty seconds. It was such a long wait. For once, they were all glad to see her.

There, she promised mother never to be mischevious ever again. It was a lesson learned the hard way.

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Old Man


Treasures were rare in his days, but that did not dampen his heart when grandfather told him about his missing gold watch. He promised him that he’d find it before the end of the week.

Andy determined to start with the attic, it held all the family heirlooms.

Tossing through the night, he jumped at the sight of the first ray of sunshine through the window. Putting on his work clothes, he ran off to the attic.

Moving from one box to the next, he did not seem to be getting anywhere. However, before he would close to get a mid-morning snack, something shone from the corner of the box.

And voila! there it lay, covered in dust but still looking immaculate. Racing down the attic ladder, he ran to granddad who was napping. “Grandfather, grandfather, here it is,” Andy squealed, “I found it, I found it.”

Lifting it to his eyes, he was in awe. He didn’t know that he would once again hold this prized possession in his hands. It held many memories and he was more than glad to see it again.


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Rolling the trolley through the various aisles, Sandy knew that she was in the wrong place. Without a coin in her pocket, who was she fooling? But she rolled on, unsure about her next course of action. Her children, back home had nothing to eat, yet all her efforts to look for work had come out dry.

It was such a catastrophic situation. Would she steal? She would be charged with shopping lifting. Then who would take care of her family? Their father had packed up and left her high and dry.

Leaving the trolley in the middle of the aisle, she walked out of the supermarket tracing her steps to a Salvation army office.

At least, she would get a parcel of food despite the dent it would make on her reputation. For that was all she had left.

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It is great to celebrate,
a feast is indeed in order,
more so with family.

Would not mind,
a drive far into the country,
for such hearty celebration.

A time to celebrate others,
to see long lost relations,
to thank God for new additions,
to bask in the love that’s been so far.


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