What does summer mean?
is it the intense heat?
is it the ever present sunshine?
then Africa has that more I care to tell,
is it the ability to lounge at the beach almost all day?
come to Africa, that is in plenty.

Is it enjoying company with brightens all around?
I enjoy that in the Peral of Africa,
is it seeing a clear blue sky as early as 8 am?
Uganda has that and more.

But do not forget,
it is not the absence of rain,
or storms,
those are its companions.

you may be a long awaited season in the West,
but not for me in Uganda,
I do not really understand you,
or appreciate you,
for I have the sun more than I care to remember,
and the rains come and go,
and in the midst of the scorching sun,
my children still attend school,
my life is not really governed by your presence or absence.

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