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Walking in an aimless manner,
pondering what the day holds,
wondering what channel has held my blessings.

Year in, year out,
nothing seemed to come to fruition,
Stagnation had become the norm.

What was holding my destiny back?
I had been here too long,
it was time for a change
time for things to change for better.

Now I understand,
no situation can change for better
until you are tired of your present state,
no circumstance is permanent,
only when you do something about it.

Now it is clear,beyond a doubt,
that His plan for me is the epitome of perfection,
regardless of what the enemy throws at me,
I will glean to know more about Him,
and take up my rightful stand,
as a child of God,
empowered for my deliverance
empowered to reign.


Posted on Daily Post Aimless Perfection


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