“You never do anything halfway,” momma always said. At a young age, that did not make much sense. I mean, when you have an assignment, they only way you can hand it in and still take those classes is if it is complete, otherewise, you got kicked out. So hey, I believed that I had it all figured out.

But that was before I met Mat and his best friend Bubba, the parrot. For this duo, nothing was worth the effort if you were going to see it through. If it was a gym regimen  for two weeks, then two weeks it was lest Bubba, drums it in your head on a daily basis. Though I had slacked in a few areas, it was not difficult to fit in with them.

Now that I look back, I thank mother for that statement almost every waking day. Otherwise, my relationship with Mat would never have revolutionised to where we are now; husband and wife.

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