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There are very many joys in parenting, but that does not mean that it is a smooth sail. The duty; that has a start but no end, is one with many ups and downs.

I have been at it for almost 4 years now, and I can tell you, a lot has changed. I now look at my life with much more purpose than before; I do not live it for myself, many others need me hale and hearty as their existance greatly depends on me.

That is not to say that if I were not there all will be dead and gone, it is just to emphasize that my existance matters a lot to them.

My dear parent, how you live your life matters. Take care of you, nourish that body so that you will be healthy enough to nuture those under your wings.

I can not agree more that children are some of the best anger triggers. That said, now is the time to take some anger management lessons if you are struggling in that area. Dealing with a child in an angry state will do you no good. You are at your best when well composed no matter how angry you may feel.

Purpose to teach you how to manage your emotions and how to deal with situations that trigger anger in you.

The journey has a lot to bring your way, and I believe that with a healthy body and mind, you will not fail at taking care of your children and household on a whole.


Happy Parenting!

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