With a blank slate,
she walked to the circus grounds,
knowing little about the art,
she went.

Penelope had one thing on her mind;
she had to make it in life,
she had to provide for her little ones,
she had to keep a roof over their heads,
the streets were not their destiny.

Learn and listen, she did,
working tirelessly.
not a soul knew how she would make it,
but that was her silent vow.

From working in the changing rooms,
to the training rooms,
to the circus perfomance room,
nothing was stopping her.

Her hard work has indeed paid off,
she is better than what she anticipated,
no one has to go hungry any more,
all have gone to school,
with a home to call their own.

Looking back,
she is thankful,
to those that taunted her;
they gave her a reason to work harder,
to those that believed in her;
she was not ready to let them down.

She now smiles,
knowing that she has done all,
all she set out to do,
for she has put more than food on the table..


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Posted on Daily Post Blank Circus


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