My child, enjoy your childhood,
lament not,
play all the games there are,
But please,
only the decent games.

Remember papa and mama’s advice,
respect your elders,
pay attention in class,
it shall be well with you.

Aspire to learn,
never allow idle thoughts to occupy your mind,
for you have the mind of Christ,
a mind endowed with creativity.
therefore, stay away from idle talk,
from those that want to put a limit to your growth

My child,
these are your birthing years,
choose your friends wisely,
love them purely.

Value yourself,
then others will value you,
keep away from those
that want to play with your body
you are not a toy,
no, you are not cheap,
your body is to be kept for your spouse and your spouse only,
for you are the temple of the Lord,
wait for the right time to engage in sex,
that is after marriage.

My child,
my love for you will never wane,
my hope in your abilities will simply soar,
however, so will my disciplining,
for I see a bright future,
one that I can not allow to be wasted by recklessness,
one that the sky can not hold down,
for the sky is not your limit,
you have a seed in you that the world craves for,
people crave to see your manifestation.

Above all,
remember that your life is the Lord’s,
always put your trust and faith in Him,
love Him, obey Him, live for Him,
He will fight for you,
He will give you unprecedented victory.

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