Walking in the jungles on a free Saturday morning, Penelope and Justin were oblivious to their dangerous surroundings. De, there was an eerie feeling around them.

Despite all that, they walked on, enjoying the serene environment and the chirping birds. However, that was all short lived. For before they knew it, they were surrounded by two ferociously looking alligators.

There was no time for thinking, Justine carried Penelope but that was all he could do. Miraculously, there was a huge tree next to them. So they fidgeted to climb it. Thankfully, there were no other predators awaiting them.

The alligators were so patient, nothing could deter them or distract them.

So they screamed as loudly as they could. Luckily, a game ranger was in close range to save the situation.

Looking back at that evening, one year later, Justine asked Penelope why she all of a sudden jumped out of the hands that held her, “it was instinct. I just let go of them the moment I saw tree.”


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