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Does your child have hydrocephalus? Chances are that he or she has got a shunt to correct the abnormality. Over the years, I have learned these facts about shunts that I believe you will find very useful:

Talking to a friend of mine, I got to learn these facts about shunts. I believe you will find them very useful:

  • The weather affects the shunts and how they drain out the excess liquid from the brain. For example, if it is either too hot or cold, it puts pressure on the shunt and that causes discomfort but most especially headaches .
  • Standing up too fast or sitting too fast causes the same effect as weather. The liquid moves very fast causing discomfort.
  • It is okay for one to sleep on the side that has got the shunt though most parents are afraid of that. However, what usually happens is that this child tends to use the side with the shunt to carry out daily activities. Besisdes that, they get a pseudo feeling that they should always bend the neck towards the shunt side. That explains the reason why babies take long to learn head control.

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