“Mummy, why are you eating while typing on the laptopn and using the phone?” my little girl asked.

That hit home, faster than a slap.

We were all seated having dinner but I seemed to have a different orientation from the rest. While they were busy trying to clear their plates, I was multitasking. But these tasks were in no way respecting dinner time.

As parents, there are very many things we do and we are not cautious of the image we are sending our children. You are their role model, so they look at whatever you do as the best. Therefore they will copy those mannersisms without thinking twice.

I challenge you to watch what you do from today onwards. Make it a habit to change your habits for your children. The first few days may not be easy but persistance pays off.

I am asking you to change your behaviors so that when you are with them you do not have to wear another coat while throwing away the office or salon parlor coat. Changing coats to fit your setting is rather exhausting. They will see right through your pretense.


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