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As I sit here,
my mind in distress,
I wonder about countless things,
My head spins,
I hate the feeling,
can I rest, please?

I long to love,
I long to belong,
I long to matter,
I feel like I am experiencing a fork in my decisions.

Where do I go from here?
can I dispose of these feelings?
The pain is too much.
It is numbing
my head needs a reprieve,
to think,
at least for a moment.

Can I take a breathe?
Can I feel human again?


Posted on Daily Post – Countless Fork


2 thoughts on “I LONG TO MATTER

  1. Well written poem Joan. You can feel how stressed out unsure the speaker is. When I feel like I don’t where to go or how to deal I imagine God has having huge hands and place all your problems in his hands and you know what, in his hands those problems aren’t so big. And you take your problems leave them in His hands and you letGod take care of them. It’s an image which really helps me and suddenly, you feel do relieved because it’s not on you to solve everything.

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    • Thanks Mandi. It is a great way to look at things, only that sometimes you feel so overwhelmed you forget how great He is and the fact that He is ready to unburden you. Thanks again

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