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Plant the seeds,
water the ground,
weed the plants,
keep out the birds,
then harvest.
It is all just a phase,
One that we all have to go through.

There is no gain,
without pain,
no, even the miracles,
they come because you have
asked God to get you out of adversity.

The blessings you are enjoying,
they did not come because you woke up,
someone in your lineage chose to forsake all,
forsake all evil and worldly pleasure,
that the generations ahead may stand
on a pure, evil-free foundation,
hence God’s blessings.

Before the grain,
is a tiresome phase,
after all the planting, watering,
and harvesting,
you have to sort.

Are you ready?
Ready to do all it takes?
Your efforts matter,
your will is important,
your zeal is essential,
get out of your comfort zone
do something beneficial
for the grain will not find you at your door step
there is a phase before the aquisition.
Go for it.


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