There is beauty in everything, even parenting. However, the challenge here is that there is no end to the duty. Nonetheless, it does not mean that there are no milestones.

When you set out to enforce a behaviour in your child, see to it that he or she masters it. There is no point in starting to teach her how to use cutlery, for example, and you drop the subject just because they are not holding the spoon how you would want them to do it.

The word is tenacity. Keep at it, with gentility and determination, you will achieve your end goal.

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What does summer mean?
is it the intense heat?
is it the ever present sunshine?
then Africa has that more I care to tell,
is it the ability to lounge at the beach almost all day?
come to Africa, that is in plenty.

Is it enjoying company with brightens all around?
I enjoy that in the Peral of Africa,
is it seeing a clear blue sky as early as 8 am?
Uganda has that and more.

But do not forget,
it is not the absence of rain,
or storms,
those are its companions.

you may be a long awaited season in the West,
but not for me in Uganda,
I do not really understand you,
or appreciate you,
for I have the sun more than I care to remember,
and the rains come and go,
and in the midst of the scorching sun,
my children still attend school,
my life is not really governed by your presence or absence.

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Within these walls, I was nurtured,
within these walls, I learned to learn,
within these walls, I was taught to appreciate,
within these walls, I was taught to teach.

Hard was the journey,
but isn’t it always that way?
the tutors were gruelling,
but what better way to tame the hard person I was?

My son, 
I am a better person because I chose,
I chose to sit at the fit of my Lord and be mentored,
whoever came my way, 
was an angel sent my way by Him,
for my growth.

I am forever in awe,
of them that found time,
that spared resources to see to it that I learn.

My pride was broken,
my ignorance was shuttered,
my brains were sharpened,
because I chose to listen,
I chose to follow,
I chose to humble myself.

My daughter,
when the opportunity knocks,
let it not knock to nought,
invite wisdom in,
because it is the principle thing.


Today, I post this with joy unspeakable. To some, it may seem overrated, but for me, the opportunity to be published by this multi-talented lady, I am humbled.



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Walking in an aimless manner,
pondering what the day holds,
wondering what channel has held my blessings.

Year in, year out,
nothing seemed to come to fruition,
Stagnation had become the norm.

What was holding my destiny back?
I had been here too long,
it was time for a change
time for things to change for better.

Now I understand,
no situation can change for better
until you are tired of your present state,
no circumstance is permanent,
only when you do something about it.

Now it is clear,beyond a doubt,
that His plan for me is the epitome of perfection,
regardless of what the enemy throws at me,
I will glean to know more about Him,
and take up my rightful stand,
as a child of God,
empowered for my deliverance
empowered to reign.


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When looking for a house, or when I think about that prospect, there are somethings that are not up for discussion. Or so I believe. The first one is that the city is not my ideal location to raise my children.

The first one is that the city is not my ideal location to raise my children. The thought of the pollution in all its glory and diversity, I just can’t take it. I prefer a quiet and less congested place.

Another thing that comes to mind is open space. I am yet to find a child that does not appreciate their space. Irrespective of their health conditions, open space is great.

I know that when the time is ripe, my list won’t be so long to create back and forth discussions. hhhaaaa.

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