Photo prompt by Barbara Taylor

Sitting there,
her past played out in her mind,
the pain of yesteryear was still present,
the misfortunes were as real as yesterday.

The skyscrapers showed promise,
but that was not the case in her life,
all seemed black or gray,
nothing seemed certain.

She had struggled through school,
but no job or accomplishment there after,
the rejection faced stung so bad,
she wondered when all this would end.

She needed her life to have purpose,
her stride to have a bounce,
her mornings to hold promise,
her dreams to change for better.

She needed what the Lord has predestined for her,
to manifest,
she wanted to win this battle,
she wanted to live once again.

With that determination,
she left the bench,
ready to conquer,
ready to win,
ready to live out her Father’s word over her life.


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