Photo Prompt by TJ Paris

She had a fascination for murals. She never seemed to have enough of them. Nonetheless, with a lot of responsibility as a mother and a wife, she put her passion aside to raise her family.

Not a day passed by that she did not long to just pack and go on a hunt for these exquisite works of art. She longed to know the story behind them and to learn the art of making them.

And indeed, after years of keeping her house fed and healthy, the last of her children enroled in college.

The joy that she felt when her once little Mike brought his admission letter alongside the scholarship acceptance letter was beyond knowing. She knew, that at last, she would do what she had let gather dust for so long.

Talking to her husband, she packed her bags that night, with a lot of glee and excitement to start her journey.

Ten years down the road, she was ready. She had learned all there was and had practised until she knew it was time. Placing adverts wherever she could about her newly learned ability, she waited. Finally, she got a call about a contract to paint murals for a rich woman in the city.

The atrium space could not be better, it was filled with exquisite yet intricate details that made the owner cry. There, she knew, that her patience had been worth it.


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