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David had always had a cheerful disposition but that had been years back. Before a stray bullet had killed his only son as he walked home from school . He had waited for the day that Amos would mature so they would start going on hunting trips together. He had thought he would teach him about the art of trading.

But all that was wishful thinking now. So from then, he had worn a pensive look. Looking through the window as though waiting for someone to walk through the gate, he stood every evening. The cheerful him was gone, along with all the humour and laughter.

What hurt him more than the loss of his heir was the fact that no one had owned up to releasing that bullet. David had spent a lot of resources in order find out who was responsible, but he had come up short on all counts.

Two years down the road, the once bright house was still covered with palpable grieving. And on one afternoon, as David stared through the window, deep in thought, a man walked through the gates. Ordinarily, David would never have paid him any attention for there were people to welcome whoever came home. However, it was different this time. He felt a rush of urgency go through his body. He knew beyond a doubt, that this man carried an answer he had been looking for ages.

Going down the staircase as fast as his legs could carry him, he went to meet the man. As their eyes locked, the man began weeping. Then he began speaking about that dreadful day in detail. Getting on his knees, he asked David for forgiveness for causing him and his household untold grief.

The tears that flowed from David’s eyes were more than those cried on the day of Amos’ demise. They were tears of pain, relief, and forgiveness. At last, the pain that had caused his heart to ache was released. He had not known the amount of bitterness and resentment he held within him, but on this day, he allowed it all to go.

That apology did much to restore the David’s household to some level of normalcy. Then the journey of healing started.

There is a lot of power in forgiving. Many times, you may not get an apology, but I pray that you will choose to forgive because the Bible tells us to do that. It may not be easy, but you can choose to ask the Holy Spirit to walk with you on this journey. He can never fail you.

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