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As strong as a mule, Denise was. No known sickness hit her body, not even the influenza that hit her state. She was the epitome of healthy. So were her children and the entire household

No one knew how she did it, though everyone wished they knew the secret behind her healthy living. So the whispers behind her back as she passed, were something she had got accustomed to over the years. Everyone saying all they thought,but never directing their thoughts and questions directly to her.

So to silence them all, she decided to make public her long kept secret. Early one morning, she pinned up a poster at the corner of her house that read, “Never underestimate the power of herbs.”

From then on, everyone referred to her as a witch. No one wanted to do a thing with her. However, all she had done was embrace nature with no ounce of magic involved.

She just loved her new found solitude and that no little child would meddle with her yard at all.

As a parent, I believe that the undiluted herbs and spices are a better remedy than those in the pharmacies. So, try and cultivate your backyard for home grown herbs and spices. Your life and that of your household shall get better.

Posted on Daily Post – Underestimate Healthy


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