He had just walked out of her life, with no apparent reason. The pain of losing him had hurt so bad that she longed to end her life that night.

Sitting on her patio, she drowned a bottle of red wine in a bid to drown her sorrows. There after, she dragged her feet across the threshold to the living room. Then she missed a step, hit the bottle on the table and fell. That was the last touch between her and reality.

Grace had fallen on the broken glass which missed her liver and pancreas by inches. She bled for a while before Hillary came to her apartment to collect his jacket. That is how he found her, interrupting her wish for death.

Calling 911 and Grace’s parents, Hillary tried to clear the scattered glass. In less than a minute, an ambulance was at the door step with paramedics ensuring that she lived to see tomorrow.

After months in intensive care, Grace asked for water. “I had been waiting to hear those words my entire life…” exclaimed her mother as she dialed for a nurse.


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