Photo prompt by S Writing

“Beauty comes in various packages.” That statement was re-emphasized by Adela’s painting works.

It began with class work, then she took up the painting of her room. We were all amazed by the character that her room took on. So, on the next house makeover, we unanimously asked her to paint the whole house.
Boy, oh boy, our house took on an amazing character. It was nothing usual, but everything to love.

Then Papa asked her to buy some automobile paints and do whatever pleased her with his 1960’s car. She did all the work in the yard and we were glad that the skies did not bless us until the work was done. Seeing that the yard faced the road, people had the chance to see her finished product.

That is how, one by one, people started knocking on our door to have their cars get an artistic touch of paint.

For a once struggling artist, this was the break that she needed.

FFfAW – Week of 05-10-2016


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