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The weather was great, time was all hers, there was no reason to worry anymore. She had looked forward to such a time as this. A time to throw all care to the wind and enjoy what her Father had made available for her.

There was no better way than heading to the beach, to soak in the sun, unwind and let the world slide by.

Thinking about the past week, despair had turned into hope. What had seemed hopeless as she walked through the theatre doors to her mother had turned around. The surgery had gone well, albeit what the doctors had earlier said.

The tumour had been located, tamed and taken out without damaging any vein. Mother had come around after just 4 hours instead of the eight that the surgeon had said.

Glenda was indeed glad, there was a lot of hope in the air. And the beach was the ultimate place to let the steam cool off.

So with a smile plastered on her face, knowing that mother was well and the best were at her beck and call, she swung her bag to her back and headed for a bit of enjoyment.

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Behind her smile,
Behind her walk,
Behind her humorous talk,
Lay a secret so dark.

Like the shadows in the cemetery, it haunted her,
A constant companion, night and day,
In her solace,
The monsters jumped out at her mercilessly.

They were the scars of yesterday,
The were the memories of abandonment,
Memories of music gone bad.

How was she to leave them behind,
Yet they seemed to hide in the depths of her heart?
While others listened to beautiful serenades,
she was forced to listen to trailers of horror movies,
all playing out in her mind.

“Why had mother entrusted my tender soul with that monster?”
“Why had she felt a sense of contentment with him?”
“I have forever felt abandoned.”
“While my age mates dance to the tunes synonymous to their age,
I dance to tunes of abuse, rage, and anger.”

“But I have a determination, a resolve that none will stop,”
“I will make it past the scars, the abandonment,”
“The tunes of my music shall change for better,”
“It shall be music I love”
“Not that which irks me”
“I shall triumph over my past,”
“I shall win,”
“I shall live again”


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