His was a life characterised by curves. None was pleasing so to say. The best of them was one that he could live with, make peace with, and move on.

As a teenager, he had struggled with an abusive mother and an absentee father which culminated into a loner life. That gave room for everything and anything that society abhorred taking root in his life.

In a search for acceptance, he had hit it with the gangs along his street. In a search for love, early sex had become a remedy. At just 14, he was entangled in sexual activities most people never know of up until they reach their 50’s, if not their demise. In a search for food, he resorted to waylaying elderly people on their way from grocery stores.

That was one curve that gave birth to many more nasty ones. So at the age of 17, he had been in juvenile deliquesce homes more than ten times.
Hard as he tried to lead a better life, he never triumphed over the deeply ingrained ugly habits. He did not know what it meant to hold down a job for as long as a week, neither did respect come easily for him.

It was little wonder that as he clocked 20, the prison gates opened so wide and swallowed him up. This time, it was attempted murder.

He was in for close to 30 years. Life within the prison walls was far from what his mates on the streets had told him. It shaped him in the hardest of ways.

Now that he has completed his sentence, I wonder how he managed to stay in that long, his first pit stop is the church.

While in solitary confinement, he had to find someone to talk to lest the silence turned him into a lunatic. So he had called on the God that he had always heard his grandmother talk to, and there, one day at a time, he learned to pray. He also learned how to control his errant emotions, and he is here to ask his Maker for a smoother walk.

I hope that this is the end of the detrimental curves and a start to the self-building kind.


Posted on Daily Post – Curve


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