Standing in solitude and confusion, Jessica wondered how she was going to get home. She could not remember the road that led to this opening in the forest yet it was getting late.

3 hours ago

“Jesy, what are you doing today?” asked Tim, Jessica’s boyfriend.

“Nothing in particular, apart from the usual,” she responded with no urge to talk to him after reading the text from Jasmine on his cell phone.

In a furious dash, she turned to him in anger, “Why would you want to know what I am doing when you already have a date planned with Jasmine?”

“So you have been snooping around again, right?” That was followed by a deafening slap.

Slamming the door, she ran as far as her anger would carry her.

That is how she found herself in these woods. She cried for all the pain she had endured, the friend that had stabbed her in the back, the boyfriend that looked at her as a last resort. She also cried because she had lost the only person that ever gave her sound advice, her mother.

She seemed to have lost a lot this year. The solitude in this forest represented what she felt in her heart.

The only problem now was that being new in the area, she had no idea of how to get back to her apartment.

Written on Daily Post – Solitude


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