Photo credits: Graham, author of the blog, grahamisjustmyname.

It had been a long 3 months or so of piecing one thing to another. Our heads seemed to spin most of the time in search for answers. It seemed like we were going in circles with no definite destination.

The cash had dried up, the jobs had ceased to exist. Life seemed meaningless. But we could not give up. We had made the choice to get to the bottom of what was ruining us mercilessly. We were not stopping until it was done.

Tears were shed, energy was burnt, but the tenacity within us and the resolve kept us going. Then finally, the light bulb went off, or rather, revelation fell before us.

We had been tools of manipulation all this while. She had used us for all she cared and wasted us in the process. The craftiness had been well hidden that no human eye would decipher it. But on our knees, the journey to reverse her evil agendas begun. It was not a smooth ride, the attacks intensified. We almost lost all we had, lives inclusive. But the need for total deliverance, the need to be us for the first time in our lives pushed us on.

And now that we look back, we are better people, we are wiser, our lives are fine tuned to God for He is the reason for our sanity now.

There was a need to celebrate this victory. There was a need to sit down and eat sensibly for once after what seemed like eternity.

Though the battle goes on, we know that the weapons He has given us shall sail us through. This first part was the most crucial and apart from immensely being grateful to the Man of War, Jehovah, we needed to celebrate as a family.



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