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Earth, Oh Earth,
Why do you withhold what is rightfully mine?
Why should I sweat blood before you give back what I have sowed in you?

I am a child of the Most High God,
I am a co-creator with Him,
As you listened to Him and brought forth vegetation,
So you ought to listen to me and bring forth profitable produce.

You shall not swallow up my seed in vain,
You shall not bring forth miserable harvests,
For my Father has watered you well.

Oh Earth, Oh Earth,
I will sow,
and you shall bring forth enormous fruit.
I shall not labor in vain ever again
Because my Lord said that blessed are the labors of my hands.

So be opened now,
And give up that which you have for long swallowed,
Whatever is mine that has been buried in you,
give it up.

I am only exercising my rights,
as a daughter of the Most High God.
So give me what is mine,
Oh Earth.

Written on Daily Post – Earth


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