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It was bright and early and everyone expected him to be on his feet. However, Bate could not move even an inch. His world seemed to have got an assault of fog. He could not put his thoughts in order no matter how hard he tried.

The events of yesternight had left him confused, unable to function like a sensible father would.

His daughter had been raped by the man that he had trusted all his life. A man that he thought loved his children as his own. However, George had been a scheming fool all this while. He had looked at Edith in a lens far away from that of a child.

He had watched her breasts blossom and secretly longed for the day he would have them in his hands, all to himself. As her hips developed, his thoughts just got more devious. As she swung them around as carefree as any child would, his heart was filled with a lustful longing.

And last night, he had lured her into his house and had his way.

Recounting the tales after awakening from a blackout, Edith could not believe what had happened. She was filled with shame, rage and hatred and yet she had to forge ahead. She was thankful for the neighbors that had come to her rescue. For she was not sure what would have become of her had they not appeared when they did.

Her father could not believe that his child’s innocence had been robbed in an instant by a man he had loved like his brother.

Bate’s mind was filled with fog, unable to make sense of the scattered thoughts or decide what to do with George whom they had fortunately grabbed before he fled the town.

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