Driving on the highway for long hours is something that Sammy loved doing, more so on the weekends. It was revitalising, healing and relieving after a week of work on the 30th floor.

She planned these long drives and always asked one of her inner circle friends to drive along with her. With such a great character as hers, she always got a willing co-driver.

This weekend was not any different. The plan was to head to one of the parks, Queen Elizabeth National Park to be exact. With Liana as her companion for the weekend, they packed for their weekend getaway to enjoy the countryside.

As they drove, a grey Volkswagen overtook them at a high speed and out of curiosity, Liana tried to see who was in such a hurry on a Saturday morning.

That is when she noticed something rather sinister, the girl in the back seat was waving frantically at them. “I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…” said Liana to Sammy who was doing her best to concentrate on the road.

Letting her concentration slide a bit, she saw the girl too, but she seemed so distressed. Deciding in a split second what to do next, the girls 911 and alerted them about what they had seen. They prayed that the driver would not turn off before the Police arrived.

Shortly after, their prayers were answered. A Police car came in sight and pursued the Volkswagen. They got to discover that the lady driving was a disillussioned woman with mental problems that had picked this girl from her school under the disguise that the girl’s mother had sent her. She was trying to soothe the pain of having lost her daughter who had died at the same age.

Sammy and Liana went on to enjoy their weekend with such triumph and relief that they had saved a soul.

Written on Flash Fictioner for the Purposeful Practitioner


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