Growing up in the slums of Katwe, Jonathan dreamed of the life in the posh streets of Kololo. He imagined what life would be if only his wishes were to be granted. He hated the congestion down here. Life seemed more of a rat chase. He had to share an already cramped room with 2 of his brothers plus the rodents that had made their nests within.

It was so disgusting but he could not divulge his feeling lest he is looked at as a misfit. He had grown up here all his life so no one expected him to have a different mindset.

Nonetheless, his mind dreamed of the large and lavish rooms he saw in the magazines. The large closets with tonnes of clothes were no comparison to his tattered clothes that were simply folded at the top of a high table. He wondered when a fairy would come,wave her magic wand over him and transform him into a prince with a large bedroom of his own and people at his beck and call.

That is why when the opportunity to join a singing group that moved from town to town came up, he did not waste time thinking about it. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and bade poverty farewell. In his mind, it was the last time he would have to sleep or survive in these dingy streets.

While nothing prepared him for the pain and the sweat out there, he never complained. He worked himself to sleep with the hope that one day, he would have saved up enough to start anew.

And indeed, that day came. 10 years later, he was allowed to fly solo. He had learned what to do, he had been exemplary so everyone was willing to help. He had saved up all he could and lived as frugal as possible.

Now, 20 years down the road, he has all he desired. The wide closets he admired, the lavish bedroom, he can now afford.

Written on Daily post – Closet


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