Driving on the highway for long hours is something that Sammy loved doing, more so on the weekends. It was revitalising, healing and relieving after a week of work on the 30th floor.

She planned these long drives and always asked one of her inner circle friends to drive along with her. With such a great character as hers, she always got a willing co-driver.

This weekend was not any different. The plan was to head to one of the parks, Queen Elizabeth National Park to be exact. With Liana as her companion for the weekend, they packed for their weekend getaway to enjoy the countryside.

As they drove, a grey Volkswagen overtook them at a high speed and out of curiosity, Liana tried to see who was in such a hurry on a Saturday morning.

That is when she noticed something rather sinister, the girl in the back seat was waving frantically at them. “I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…” said Liana to Sammy who was doing her best to concentrate on the road.

Letting her concentration slide a bit, she saw the girl too, but she seemed so distressed. Deciding in a split second what to do next, the girls 911 and alerted them about what they had seen. They prayed that the driver would not turn off before the Police arrived.

Shortly after, their prayers were answered. A Police car came in sight and pursued the Volkswagen. They got to discover that the lady driving was a disillussioned woman with mental problems that had picked this girl from her school under the disguise that the girl’s mother had sent her. She was trying to soothe the pain of having lost her daughter who had died at the same age.

Sammy and Liana went on to enjoy their weekend with such triumph and relief that they had saved a soul.

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It was bright and early and everyone expected him to be on his feet. However, Bate could not move even an inch. His world seemed to have got an assault of fog. He could not put his thoughts in order no matter how hard he tried.

The events of yesternight had left him confused, unable to function like a sensible father would.

His daughter had been raped by the man that he had trusted all his life. A man that he thought loved his children as his own. However, George had been a scheming fool all this while. He had looked at Edith in a lens far away from that of a child.

He had watched her breasts blossom and secretly longed for the day he would have them in his hands, all to himself. As her hips developed, his thoughts just got more devious. As she swung them around as carefree as any child would, his heart was filled with a lustful longing.

And last night, he had lured her into his house and had his way.

Recounting the tales after awakening from a blackout, Edith could not believe what had happened. She was filled with shame, rage and hatred and yet she had to forge ahead. She was thankful for the neighbors that had come to her rescue. For she was not sure what would have become of her had they not appeared when they did.

Her father could not believe that his child’s innocence had been robbed in an instant by a man he had loved like his brother.

Bate’s mind was filled with fog, unable to make sense of the scattered thoughts or decide what to do with George whom they had fortunately grabbed before he fled the town.

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Here is me taking a risk, writing something that I have thought about for a while but never put into writing. So here we go,

What are your thoughts about marriage?

My idea about marriage may vary from yours, but that does not mean that I shall keep quite about it. The Bible I read, and adore because it is my beacon of light tells me that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of men sleeping with men. This is what we call homosexuality today.

Now since my standards are predominantly Bible-based, my thoughts about marriage are that it is a union between man and woman. I do not believe that a union between man and man, woman and woman, human being and an animal is marriage.

Yes, constitutions have been tweaked here and there to accommodate what man wants and cases have been won. But does it change what was there at first? Why is it that these practices were criminalised in the beginning of our nations?

I think, all this is about becoming compromising to what the core values of our founding constitutions stipulated. It is believing that what we feel or think is better than what our Maker says.

I would not want my child saying mummy and then turning to my partner and still saying mummy. So where is daddy? And where is my father in this union?

I can only say that these things we have now started calling marriages are simply getting our minds twisted. Just because you want something does not mean it is the right thing to do.

So as far as I am concerned, marriage is the union between man and woman, recognised by parents and God. Nothing outside that suffices.

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In the olden days,
they prided in being real,
It was real beauty, real hair, real nails,
Not to mention pure souls,
Everything was authentic.

But today,
our desire for outer has surpassed our need to nurture inner beauty,
we are all about how good we look on the outside,
accentuating our looks,
and the like.

No one said that there was a fault in that,
But we have given it top priority and ignored what matters the most,
We have exchanged our values for cheap materialistic needs,
we are not phased or appalled at the moral decadence eating at our roots,
as long as the hair is perfect, the suit is well pressed and the shoes are on point.

Can we return to basics?
Let us put things right,
Can we pay attention to our souls?
Let us not trade them for whatever the enemy has to offer,
as they rot away.

Let us nurture the real thing,
and get rid of all the plastic nature we had acquired,
Let fake make way for reality,
let us value what the fathers of this nation valued,
Purity of soul.

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.

“Oh how time flies by,” exclaimed Josh.

“It’s been twenty years since I last came to this windmill.”

“Oh yeah, the hide and seek played here was particularly fun, ” added Kim.

They had played here every weekend after helping father with the farm chores. It had all seemed like a reward for work well done.

Though not much had changed, the elements had really worn on the mill. But by the look of the smiles on their faces, it surely felt good to come to familiar grounds once again.

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Growing up in the slums of Katwe, Jonathan dreamed of the life in the posh streets of Kololo. He imagined what life would be if only his wishes were to be granted. He hated the congestion down here. Life seemed more of a rat chase. He had to share an already cramped room with 2 of his brothers plus the rodents that had made their nests within.

It was so disgusting but he could not divulge his feeling lest he is looked at as a misfit. He had grown up here all his life so no one expected him to have a different mindset.

Nonetheless, his mind dreamed of the large and lavish rooms he saw in the magazines. The large closets with tonnes of clothes were no comparison to his tattered clothes that were simply folded at the top of a high table. He wondered when a fairy would come,wave her magic wand over him and transform him into a prince with a large bedroom of his own and people at his beck and call.

That is why when the opportunity to join a singing group that moved from town to town came up, he did not waste time thinking about it. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and bade poverty farewell. In his mind, it was the last time he would have to sleep or survive in these dingy streets.

While nothing prepared him for the pain and the sweat out there, he never complained. He worked himself to sleep with the hope that one day, he would have saved up enough to start anew.

And indeed, that day came. 10 years later, he was allowed to fly solo. He had learned what to do, he had been exemplary so everyone was willing to help. He had saved up all he could and lived as frugal as possible.

Now, 20 years down the road, he has all he desired. The wide closets he admired, the lavish bedroom, he can now afford.

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