Photo prompt by Barbara Taylor

Sitting there,
her past played out in her mind,
the pain of yesteryear was still present,
the misfortunes were as real as yesterday.

The skyscrapers showed promise,
but that was not the case in her life,
all seemed black or gray,
nothing seemed certain.

She had struggled through school,
but no job or accomplishment there after,
the rejection faced stung so bad,
she wondered when all this would end.

She needed her life to have purpose,
her stride to have a bounce,
her mornings to hold promise,
her dreams to change for better.

She needed what the Lord has predestined for her,
to manifest,
she wanted to win this battle,
she wanted to live once again.

With that determination,
she left the bench,
ready to conquer,
ready to win,
ready to live out her Father’s word over her life.


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He had longed for the day,
he would stay in a house of his own,
no, not the mud and wattle house,
a brick and mortar house,
one with all the amenities
he and his family would need.

The journey had taken longer than he could imagine,
the obstacles had been great,
he almost threw in the towel,
but at the thought of his children having no where to call home,
he chose to keep the fire alive.

Then finally,
it was done,
the day the roof was nailed to the rest of the structure,
he broke into a song,
he sung to his God,
He had made it possible,
sing he did, cry as well,

It had been a journey of intense trials,
the trials had set the village talking,
many wondered why he took on a wife,
when he barely had a penny to his name.

Now, his God had silenced them,
they looked on in amazement and awe,
He had indeed shocked his enemies
and surprised his friends.


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Photo Prompt by TJ Paris

She had a fascination for murals. She never seemed to have enough of them. Nonetheless, with a lot of responsibility as a mother and a wife, she put her passion aside to raise her family.

Not a day passed by that she did not long to just pack and go on a hunt for these exquisite works of art. She longed to know the story behind them and to learn the art of making them.

And indeed, after years of keeping her house fed and healthy, the last of her children enroled in college.

The joy that she felt when her once little Mike brought his admission letter alongside the scholarship acceptance letter was beyond knowing. She knew, that at last, she would do what she had let gather dust for so long.

Talking to her husband, she packed her bags that night, with a lot of glee and excitement to start her journey.

Ten years down the road, she was ready. She had learned all there was and had practised until she knew it was time. Placing adverts wherever she could about her newly learned ability, she waited. Finally, she got a call about a contract to paint murals for a rich woman in the city.

The atrium space could not be better, it was filled with exquisite yet intricate details that made the owner cry. There, she knew, that her patience had been worth it.



Growing up, Matt developed a love for adventure. However, apart from the forests around the home, there was nothing more to nurture his passion. Our strict and out rightly protective parents did not help at all.

So he did all he could with what was in his reach and enjoy himself he did. However, that was not to be the moment he clocked fifteen. He had grown accustomed to all that his surroundings would offer. The love to move out and see beyond the confines of our little village gnawed at him. Nonetheless, he had to stay put for that was the unspoken law.

However, an opportunity presented itself when the family of his then girlfriend invited him for a trip. Being the people that Papa and Mama knew all too well, he did not have to do much convincing to earn his ticket out.

With a plan already hatched and well laid out between him and his supposed father-in-law, they set out. On reaching the city, with all preparations made, Matt reached out to Laura and said, “I am staying here, honey.”

They shared a wink with his father-in-law, and he walked to the motel room that awaited him. The weekend of discovery had started. They would pick him up on their way from their relatives.