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“‘Breath’, I was told. But how do I do that when grief has engulfed by lungs. It hurts so bad to breath, not to mention think about living.”

That was Dorset’s life momentarily. Praying that it would not last a lifetime.

From the grocery store, she had been met with a burning house. Her apartment was on fire with all she owned not to mention the apples of her eyes, her children. She fought with all her might and broke the door down. She ran into the blazing fire without a second thought. She had to do something and no one was going to stop her.

The firemen tried to hold her down, but the small bodied lady held so much power within her than they had expected that they lost their grip on her.

She called out to her babies, but all she heard were sobs. With renewed hope, she struggled on but the hindrances were mounting by the minute.

Inhaling an immense amount of smoke as she tried to struggle her way forward while calling on her babies, she could breath no more. That is when the firemen got a hold of her and pulled her out of the house.

She had tried calling out to them one last time, but the sobs that had once guided her were no more. That silence hit her so badly, she passed out.

Now that she had regained her senses and learned the worst, she didn’t feel like breathing again. The grief squeezed her so hard, she felt better not breathing at all.

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8 thoughts on “TOO PAINFUL TO BREATH

  1. Sad but well written story on the prompt. I feel so bad for the Mother losing all her children in the fire. That is awful and being so grief stricken, losing them all, it seems like she is facing a tough battle ahead.

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