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“It is just a snap shot, so let’s get done with it,” yelled Pete.

“It means the world to me, so cool it,” retorted Alexa, “besides, I am trying my best.”

She had waited a long time to actualize this dream. She was finally getting a passport, a ticket to see the children that had been taken away from her 5 years back. So she had got up as early as 5 am to prepare for a snap shot slated for 9 am.

She needed it to be as perfect as possible and she didn’t want to be pushed about or rushed. However, hard as she tried, her nerves were not helping her either. The thought about finally seeing her children had kept her awake the whole night causing her to be so jittery and excited.

So when Pete tried to remind her about the line of customers waiting for the same service, Alexa was angry at him. He had no idea what this moment meant to her. And she was not going to allow him to spoil the moment or the outcome.



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