Working her way through a pile of clothes, her hand throbbed. “How am I to get all this done before the little girl gets up for her feeding?” she thought to herself. So she worked on hoping to have much done before the hour.

As she worked her way through the pile, little Nate, stormed in, “mother, she hit me, she hit me,” he screamed.

With confusion on her face, she asked, “who are you talking about?”

“It is Nelly, she hit me.”

“Oh, but I put her to bed just a while ago.”

“Oh mother, she crawled the moment you walked out of her room. We have been playing with blocks until she hit me so hard.”

“Oh my, these children,” she thought to herself.

Here she was, working relentlessly to ensure that all was tidy by the time Nellie got up to feed yet she was busy having a good time. Without the right reaction to that discovery, she just let out a hearty laugh. Then Nelly crawled her way to the laundry room, she giggled to no end.

There, fatigue and stress gave way to giggles that spread throughout the house. The need to hurry up was soon forgotten.

Happy Parenting!

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