Leaving work to start her summer holiday, Sara had everything planned out. She had made all the necessary bookings and could not wait to enjoy it all. It was all country this year, her first stop at the stone village. She had heard about it so she could not wait to take it all in.

Waking up so early to start her journey, she packed enough supplies to last her a week or two. The weather was great, her excitement was palpable. She was thrilled by the adventure that lay ahead, not even the heavy traffic jam would wane her excitement.

Within 2 hours, she was on the highway into the stone village. Following the directions as precisely as possible, all seemed well.

However, one hour later, Sara had not got to the much coveted sight. Checking the map for what seemed like the hundredth time, she could not see where she’d gone wrong. Nonetheless, she was lost. All that she had planned to do in the day seemed to continually slip out of her hands. Frustration mounted within her.

That was before she met an elderly man on his way from the village. After a little exchange, he said, “those are the directions,” as he gave her a detailed map. She smiled, out of gratitude and for lack of the right words. “Thank you sir,” she finally managed to say.




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