When our first child came along, we were obsessed with being the best parents. There is no harm in that, but being bad sometimes never hurt a soul.

So, in our bid to being great parents, we let our little girl decide her bedtime hours. Oh, what a terrible mistake.

There were these times when my husband would have to sit up or probably dose up as late as 2 am as he waited for the girl to sleep. She was enjoying herself while we had turned into her slaves. That is because she did not want you to leave her all by herself lest she threw a tantrum that lasted for ages. It was a lot of torture.

That is when my dear sister came to our rescue. While talking one afternoon, we shared our ordeal, and she laughed away.

“Why do you allow this little creature to enslave you?” she asked

“Set a time for her bedtime.”

“As long as she is well fed, warm and dry, ignore her cries. She will be fine, a little crying never killed anyone.”

“She will get the hang of it and soon she will be fine.”

“Just make sure that you are consistent.”

That was one of the best pieces of advice. We set out to put it to action. The first days were a terror, we almost gave up. But as time went by, all worked out in our favour.

Nowadays, 8 pm and we are set for bed, no stories, no compromise. How sweet!

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