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As an African, I have heard a fair share of superstitious beliefs. When we were little, we were told that it is not right to cut your nails in the night or sweep the compound at night as it brings bad luck to you.

We were also told that hissing in the night shall call snakes into the compound.

What superstitious beliefs are said in your community? Please share with us.

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9 thoughts on “SUPERSTITION

  1. I’ve heard so many of these. I’ve heard that we should bury our hair after a hair cut. You can’t sweep your dirt from inside outside, because you are sweeping your luck away. You can’t leave your windows or curtains open at night, because the witches come look inside. You can’t sweep your dirt into a corner and leave it there, because it leads to stagnation in your life. A bride should stay inside the week before her wedding in case people or witches want to do bad things to her like let her get in a car accident. These are just a few I can think of. We live in South Africa. Where in Africa are you from?


  2. Interesting Superstitions. One I can think of is when I’m talking with friends and we say that something bad could happen in the future,we say “knock on wood” and knock the wooden table with are knuckles so the bad thing doesn’t happen.


  3. When a black cat crosses your path first thing in the morning, you have to go back home, get back to sleep and wake up again to cancel out the bad luck it represents.

    Never point at something in the river with your fingers or the river gods will come for you at night.

    Never attempt to help someone drowning in the river…only go at it if you will succeed. Otherwise, if they drown/carried away by crocs, you will have to sit on the river bank for three days before a cleansing ritual is done….

    I lived next to the river…we had lots of superstition on various aspects.:-)


    • Hahahaaa, I had never heard about those ones. However, someone once said that if a woman is the first person you meet when you leave your house, go back home lest you experience bad luck


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