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The day had been long, hot and tiring. Philemon thought that it was good idea for us to walk back home instead of taking the bus. That would help with the throbbing heads and tired muscles. No need to   exacerbate them with the hot bus and crying babies.

The sound of this idea made my blood rush. It had been ages since I had last taken a walk through the grove. I envisioned the cool breeze kiss me checks,wipe away the fatigue. Not to mention the chat that would help rejuvenate my beat-up spirit.

However, as the evening drew nigh plans changed. Desmond had eavesdropped our conversation and he wanted to join us.

“Oh, this is becoming a crowd, and one I don’t imagine me enjoying,” I thought to myself.

I was well aware of Desmond’s proud attitude, and nasty sarcastic jokes. And for that, I knew that the evening plot was going to be tricky. Since I could not find a genuine reason to say no to Desmond, I opted out.  So I made up something, a trip to the market that I had relegated for later, as an excuse out of the walk home.

Philemon’s expression told me all about my trick. Nonetheless, I could not afford adding pepper to an already sore wound. I needed to unwind, and I would find a way to do it as I walked through the market stalls and chatted with traders.

Posted for Daily Post – Tricky


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