Looking around them, Sam asked Pam, “What is that peculiar smell?”

“I have no idea, let’s go and check it out,” she offered.

On reaching where the smell originated from, they realized that their predators had roasted their little ones alive. They sat there with triumph written all over their faces. They enjoyed their so-called sumptuous meal without a care in the world.

The pain was intense, the grief was beyond fathoming. So they looked to the skies, with no hope knowing that the efforts they had put in to look for food were all worthless. Besides, their predators, with those metals strapped around their waists, had an upper hand.

They wandered what they were going to do. It had been a difficult pregnancy and delivery for Pam so Sam did not expect much from her.

Wrapping his little limbs around her, he consoled the broken and shaken girl. He had come to love and admire her so deeply.

“We will get more next fall,”she mumbled between sobs.

“You need to heal. We all need to heal. There is no need to rush,” Sam comforted her.

But deep within him, he knew that she meant every word she’d said. He sobbed for his babies, for their mother, for the family that would never be, and the pain that tor Pam from deep within.


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